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Twitter Blocking New Tweets From Fenix Twitter Client For Android

Twitter Blocking New Tweets From Fenix Twitter Client For Android

Many of us use alternate third part Twitter applications rather than the official app for added functionality or an improved interface. There are many popular options, but my favorite is Fenix for Android. The app has a clean, easy to use interface which is customizable to suit your needs. However recently it seems that Twitter decided that it wanted to severely limit the popular app.

In the past other Twitter clients have had issues in registering users are a certain number. Twitter actually only allows about 100 thousand users before cutting off access. While Fenix hasn’t even gotten close to that limit, they are having a strange issue, users can’t upload new tweets.

Twitter’s servers are apparently automatically flagging tweets sent from the app. The developer hasn’t made any changes to the app prior to the problem appearing. Fenix has since been removed from Google Play until the issue is resolved. Those who have the app can still use it, but they can’t post anything new.

Update- The ability to post is returning for some users.

Via: AndroidMeter

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