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Toast Skin For Pebble Smartwatch Review

Toast Skin For Pebble Smartwatch Review

Many smartphone users have adopted smartwatches as a secondary screen for receiving notifications or for use as a fitness tracker. Now users are also treating smartwatches more like their phones, for instance, buying skins and cases for them. So we decided to check out a skin for the original Pebble smartwatch made by the people over at Toast. 

When you see the Toast skin, or any skin for a smartwatch for that matter, they look flimsy, but as soon as you get your hands on it you are proven wrong. The Toast skin is actually durable and has the perfect amount of thickness to it. On top of it’s durability it’s also beautiful, as soon as you slap the skin on your Pebble it instantly looks twice as good. Now it’s important to note that the Toast skin not only covers the face of the Pebble but also covers the three buttons on the right of the Pebble and the button on the left as well which just makes the Pebble look even better. 

As soon as I had put the Toast skin on my Pebble I decided to go out and do some shopping to see if I got any extra attention from people passing by, sure enough I did. My first outing with the Toast skin on my Pebble got me stopped by two separate people asking what kind of watch I was wearing and saying that it was a beautiful watch. This further proves that the Toast skin is a simply beautiful skin for the Pebble. 

After using the Toast skin in my everyday life for a little over a week I was impressed by the durability. I had bumped my watch a few times, been in water with my watch and essentially every other thing under the sun, the skin endured. Over a week later the Toast skin still looks exactly the same as it did the day I took it out of the box, no scratches or fading or anything. 

There’s not really anything negative that I could say about the Toast skin, it is a beautiful, easy to install, durable skin for the Pebble. If your looking for a little extra protection plus some style points for your Pebble smartwatch then you should definitely look in Toast’s direction. For only $10 you just can’t go wrong.


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