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Like It’s Predecessor, The G3 Will Differ On Each Carrier

Like It’s Predecessor, The G3 Will Differ On Each Carrier

Last year’s LG G2 looked incredibly different on each carrier. Branding differed, software differed, and in some cases, even the hardware was different. If you thought this year would be different, than you are wrong. The G3 will of course include branding on each carrier variant, with Verizon of course including the most (as if that’s somehow a shock). But how will each differ from the other?

Well let’s start with the least altered, the Sprint variant. The device has no branding at all aside from LG’s own branding, which gives it a clean and pleasent look and feel. The software does include a couple changes mainly in the status bar which includes a Sprint Spark indicator. Next up is T-Mobile where we see T-Mobile’s logo on the back and no other alterations. Over on AT&T, things start to change. The LG logo is removed from the back of the device and replaced with AT&T’s logo. At the bottom however there is a logo for the G3. In the status bar we also see an indicator showing AT&T. Up until now, there have only been slight changes. But of course we have to talk about Verizon, and as we all know, they go a little far with their branding.

Last year’s G2 saw changes that included some good things like cleaning up the software just a little bit (which honestly shocked me) and even adding built in Qi wireless charging. But there were bad things too like changing the design of the outside of the phone including the rear buttons and camera module. With the G3 they arent’ going quite as far, but they are still changing things more than anyone else. For example, there is just as much branding on the Verizon variant of the G3 as the rest of the G3 variants combined. This includes the Verizon logo on the back, front, and even on the lock screen. However the changes don’t stop there. The phone has a completely black finish rather than the brushed metal look of other variants. Hopefully that change won’t make the device feel any different.

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Source: Evleaks

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