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Latest PS3 Update Adds Wireless Support For DualShock 4 Controller

Sony’s DualShock 4 controller that comes with the PS4 is a huge improvement over last year’s DualShock 3. However the controller only works with the PS4, wirelessly that is. For quite a while now the controller has worked with the PS3 over a wired connection, but thanks to the 4.60 PS3 update, you can now use it wirelessly too.

To pair the controller, you’ll need to first plug it into the PS3 over microUSB then head over to the accessory settings on the console. Once you are there, you’ll need to start scanning for accessories. To find the DualShock 4, you’ll need to hold down the PS and Share buttons on the DualShock 4 at the same time to start pairing.

Please keep in mind that not all games are supported just yet but definitely make sure to let us know which ones work for you down in the comments!


Via: Product-Reviews

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