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How To Reply To WhatsApp From A PC – Root Required

How To Reply To WhatsApp From A PC – Root Required

WhatsApp is a popular messaging service but unfortunately it requires users to be on their smartphones exclusively. You can’t use it on a tablet, and you can’t use it on a computer, not officially anyway. Today however a new app has launched that allows users to reply to WhatsApp messages from their PC using a Pushbullet extension.


  • Pushbullet installed on phone and PC
  • Android smartphone with root access

This extension. is $1.99 in Google Play and does require root access. However after installing the app set up couldn’t be simpler. You just need to check and make sure Pushbullet is installed on your computer and on your rooted Android smartphone. After that, download “Quick Reply For Pushbullet” from Google Play. You’ll need to grant permanent root access to the app after opening it. Next set up notification mirroring within the Pushbullet applications only for WhatsApp. You’ll also need to enable Quick Reply in accessibility settings. The app itself walks you through all of this when you open it for the first time. Let us know what you think of this method and if it works for you down in the comments!

Source: Pushbullet

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