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Pebble Firmware Receives Update To Version 2.3

Pebble Firmware Receives Update To Version 2.3

For those of you who haven’t already replaced your Pebble with an Android Wear device, we have some news for you. The Pebble team has pushed out an update to the Pebble firmware that improves the way the Pebble handles multiple notifications. Said update will bring your Pebble smartwatch up to version 2.3.

So what does this new update do exactly? The big improvement is the added ability that allows users to skip certain notifications by double-tapping the down button on your Pebble. Besides this addition the update includes all of the usual Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) connectivity bug fixes and other bug-squashing. 

If you want to see the official post by Pebble and how to update your Pebble then simply follow the link below. 

Source | Pebble blog

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