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LinkedIn Releases Standalone Job Search App

LinkedIn Releases Standalone Job Search App
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If you’re actively looking for a job then LinkedIn is here to help, today LinkedIn has released a standalone job search app. What people typically use LinkedIn for is making professional connections that will let businesses know what skills you possess and whether or not you are fit for the job. But lately people have been using LinkedIn more and more to search for jobs for one simple reason, LinkedIn is good at finding appropriate jobs for people. 

LinkedIn obviously realized this growth in the job searching people were doing through their app and decided to act on it. Now, today, they have released a mobile app designed for finding jobs. Here are some of the highlights of the app that LinkedIn points out:

  • Location-based search to help you find the right job in the right place
  • Push notifications when relevant jobs go live
  • The power to apply with your LinkedIn profile in just a couple of taps

This does sound like a fantastic tool if you are actively in the market for a new job and we are going to find out if this is true. Today we are going to get our hands on the app and see how just how easy it is to find relevant jobs to something we want to do, we will then report back to you guys. We know how serious trying to find a new job can be and we want to help any of you out there looking. 

Report back to iTechTriad in a few days and read our follow-up article on LinkedIn’s new job search app where we will let you know how it holds up. Also something worth noting is that the app is currently only available on iOS but we assume it won’t take long to make it’s way to Android. 

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