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How To Get The Android L Keyboard On Any Android Device – Root Required

How To Get The Android L Keyboard On Any Android Device – Root Required
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No doubt you’ve been seeing everyone left and right posting screenshots of the Android L developer preview from their Nexus since it came out yesterday. However that preview is only available for two device, the Nexus 5 and the 2013 Nexus 7. So what can you do if you’re not using a Nexus device? Of course developers are quickly pulling apart Android L and taking parts of it for everyone to use, and one of those is the keyboard. Thanks to the awesome people over at XDA, you can install on your device without much difficulty.

Proceed at own risk. We do not take responsibility for anything you might do to your device.


  • Android 4.x.x
  • Custom Recovery (TWRP/CWM)
  • If you are not rooted, click here

To install this keyboard, you’ll need to head over to the XDA page (linked below) and download the required ZIP files as you will need to flash files in order to do this. If you’ve never flashed something or if you’re uncomfortable doing so do not use this method.

This should work on any device with Android 4.0 and higher. I’ve personally tested it on an LG G2 with TWRP recovery on Android 4.4.2. However the developers have tested it on a variety of devices including the HTC M8, Galaxy S5, Nexus 4 and more with success. Please keep in mind that you cannot flash this on all phones. This is noted on the XDA page.

Installation couldn’t be easier as you simply need to enter your custom recovery and flash the downloaded files. Before doing that however you’ll need to uninstall/delete the Google Keyboard if you already have it installed. However once you’ve flashed the keyboard, simply reboot system, open up language settings, enable the keyboard, and then test it out. At first you’ll see the keyboard as it previously appeared. To get the new look, you’ll need to head to Google Keyboard settings > Advanced Settings > Color > Material (shown in GIF below).

Hope this works for you!

XDA Page

Thanks David!!

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