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ASUS Working On A $99 Android Wear Smartwatch?

ASUS Working On A $99 Android Wear Smartwatch?

While Android Wear is here in the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, not all the options are available yet. We already know that Motorola is coming with the Moto 360, but Google has various other partners for Android Wear all of whom we can expect watches from in the future. One of those partners is ASUS. The company isn’t a stranger to Google as they’ve done projects with them such as both Nexus 7 tablets. However rumors are now pointing to an Android Powered ASUS smartwatch that would cost around $100.

So far nothing from Android Wear has been priced below $199, so whoever can hit the budget market first will do very well. Pricing between $99 and $149 would be a great place for any company to hit as current watches are priced between $199 and $229 with rumors of the Moto 360 being priced as high as $349.

As for a release window, it’s likely that ASUS would release the device at IFA this September. Other options could be coming at the same time including options from HTC and more.

Via: Android Authority

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