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Is That A Yellow Nexus 5 And A GPE Galaxy S5 On The Android Website?

Is That A Yellow Nexus 5 And A GPE Galaxy S5 On The Android Website?

The Android homepage was refreshed after yesterday’s big announcements and there’s a couple interesting things showing up on the page. Google always shows off a few devices with stock Android on the homepage which usually consists of Nexus phones and tablets as well as a few Google Play Edition devices. While it’s plain to see that the Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Google Play Edition HTC M8 are shown off, there’s two hiding in plain sight that we haven’t seen yet.

First off and probably why you’re here, is a bright yellow Nexus 5. This was rumored to come back in January along with a few other colors, but leaks were later shown to be faked. However since then, we’ve seen a Red Nexus 5 released, and now this yellow one has been shown off. So maybe we’ll see more? Guess we will have to wait and find out for sure. But that’s not all. Even easier to see in the photo is what appears to be a Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S5. Strangely it’s seen with on-screen navigation keys and the hardware keys which is more than likely just a rendering error. (Click on either picture below to enlarge it)

Update: To further support this, a quote has also been taken from the Android website as read below.

Nexus 5 is precision-built from strong materials, and the intelligently simple design showcases more of what matters to you. It’s the most powerful Nexus phone yet — and it comes in black, white, red, and yellow.”

So what do you think? Could we see a Nexus 5 in Yellow and a Google Play Edition Galaxy S5 in the near future? And the better question, would you buy either one? 

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