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Intel Core i3 Powered Acer C720-3 Pops Up Online

Intel Core i3 Powered Acer C720-3 Pops Up Online
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If you love Chromebook, but still think that they are underpowered, than you’ll be happy to know that high end Chromebooks are coming, and these don’t cost $1200. Acer announced a couple of months ago that they would be introducing a new Chromebook with the same design language as the Acer C720 family, but would be powered not by an Intel Celeron chip, but an Intel Core i3 processor. And now that same Chromebook has popped up online at a couple of retailers.

The Acer C720-3 brings a dual-core Intel Core i3 Processor clocked at 1.7GHz which can handle just about anything you could throw at it along with the addition of 4GB of RAM. Also on-board is a 32GB SSD for storage and an Intel HD 4400 graphics card. As mentioned earlier this Chromebook brings the same basic design language just with improved internals. Unfortunately the screen is not one of those improvements as we still see an 11.6″ inch 720p display. However this Chromebook does apparently still offer 8.5 hours of battery. 

What do you think of this Chromebook? Would you pick it up? Priced at $349 you do get a noticeable spec bump for your extra cash. 

Via: OMGChrome

Source: Provantage, PCNation

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