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Google Announces Android One For Emerging Markets

Google Announces Android One For Emerging Markets

Google I/O has just finished up, the first big talking point for the keynote was a newly announced program called Android One. Android One was created and designed for emerging markets such as India where the program will initially rollout. The program is designed to provide affordable smartphones such as the unnamed device briefly shown during the keynote which will cost under $100. 

Google will be working closely with device manufactures to produce Android One smartphones using pre-selected equipment and components. Doing this will allow devices created for Android One to stay very low priced. Fortunately created such low-costing devices will not sacrifice software performance, all Android One devices will be running stock Android. Sundar Pichai, head of Android and Chrome, even vouched for Android One, saying that he used one for awhile as his phone and had no problems with the device. 

Also worth mentioning about Android One, due to the fact that the devices will be running stock Android which means that they will receive timely updates. This means that Android One devices will receive updates in the same manner than Nexus and Google Play Edition devices currently do. It will be interesting to see Google keep these lower-end devices up to date software-wise. 

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