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Android TV Gaming Confirmed In Google Play Listing

Android TV Gaming Confirmed In Google Play Listing
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Android TV was leaked a couple months ago in screenshots from The Verge, and just this morning Sundar Pichai confirmed in an interview that this would indeed be coming at Google I/O 2014. However he didn’t go into specifics with what this new platform would be focused on. Obviously TV and movies will be a big focus as this device is afterall called Android TV. But what about gaming? While Amazon’s Fire TV has a pretty heavy focus on gaming, other similar devices don’t, and now it looks like Google will be bringing gaming to their new set top box.

According to an update (seen above) to the popular Android racing game, Riptide GP 2, Android TV will in fact support games. Riptide GP 2 is sometimes used as a benchmark for the performance on devices so this leads us to believe that whatever hardware uses Android TV will be somewhat powerful. Along with that we also see the game will support split-screen gaming, leading me to think that Android TV may support multiple methods of control at once whether that comes from a remote or a controller.

Since this screenshot was taken, Vector Unit has apparently pulled the update since they did publish it just a bit early. Let’s keep a close eye on what happens tomorrow at Google I/O.

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