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Motorola Victara For Verizon Leaks – Is It The Moto X+1?

Motorola Victara For Verizon Leaks – Is It The Moto X+1?

If you remember just remember we saw leaks claiming to be from the Moto X+1 that came directly from Evleaks. Just last night however Evleaks published the source for that previous leak that showed off a Verizon sales sheet for an Incipio case for the Motorola Victara which matches the same image. The device is shown off in the same black case as well as a grey and pink case too. However what is much more interesting it the dimensions shown off at the bottom of the sheet. It helps to confirm that this device will house a larger screen size than the Moto X. However the question does arise, is this really the Moto X+1? Evleaks claimed that the device was indeed the X+1 but the Victara branding has confused us. However the name Victara did appear with Moto X+1 leaks a while back as well. What are your thoughts?


Source: Evleaks

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