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Minuum Developing Circular Keyboard For Circular Watchfaces

Minuum Developing Circular Keyboard For Circular Watchfaces

This morning the team over at Minuum revealed something pretty cool that they are working on, a circular keyboard. That’s right, Minuum is currently developing a circular keyboard especially for round smartwatches such as the upcoming Moto 360. You can see a mock-up of the round keyboard in the image above. 

So why do we need keyboards on our smartwatches? Especially Android Wear ones that have voice dictation built-in? Minuum does a good job of answering just that, because not every message you send is meant to be heard by everyone around you and sometimes there is just too much noise. So when you have something a little more private to send this would be a great alternative to speaking what you have to say out-loud. 

What do you think of Minuum’s circular keyboard? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. You can also take a look at the official post by Minuum by following the source link below. 

Source | Minuum

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