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Google Working On Improved Quick Settings Panel

Google Working On Improved Quick Settings Panel

Android Police is reporting that Google is currently developing an improved quick settings panel for Android that includes improved UI and efficiency. Basically, as the current quick settings currently are, some buttons bring up a slider such as the brightness button while others take you into the Settings app itself, the improved quick settings aims to eliminate that inconsistency. What the new quick settings panel will do is bring up a pop-up specifically designed for which button you press, Wi-Fi, Brightness, etc., without taking you away from the quick settings panel. 

In the mock-ups Android Police provided we also get a look at what appears to be a revamped notification pane. Now when users swipe down from the notification bar it will bring down a darkened overlay with Google Now style notifications over it. This provides much cleaner and organized notifications. Android Police has also stated that these “notifications cards” can be expanded and collapsed in a similar way to current notifications. 

It’s important to treat this all as speculation despite many leaks similar to this one being seen lately. Android Police has given this particular leak a 7/10 in terms of possibility which is good but still not positive. But what about you guys, do you think this will eventually make it’s way to Android? Let us know in the comments below. 

Source | Android Police 

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