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Screenshots Of Android L Release Appear

Screenshots Of Android L Release Appear

A bit earlier the guys over at Android Police showed the world something that Reddit user Doopl came across. Droopl came across two screenshots in the Chromium Issue Tracker that appear to be Android’s unreleased L release. We are assuming this based on the L located in the top left-hand corner and substantially different UI.

As Android Police said, the screenshots were taken from a display of 1280×768 which tells us that they were taken from a Nexus 4 which makes a lot of sense. You can also see in the screenshots that there is no black gradient behind the the status bar at the top, this is something that is in the latest version of Android which further indicates this is an unreleased build of Android. Something else you can take away from the screenshot is the fact that new Google navigation buttons are not incorporated in this build, something that Google is said to be seriously looking into and releasing soon. 

Whether or not these two screenshots are authentic is all left up to speculation but we will likely figure this all out two days from now in San Francisco.

Source | Android Police



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