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Verizon Just Hates The Chromebook Pixel – Takes Back Free Data Offer Without Explanation

Verizon Just Hates The Chromebook Pixel – Takes Back Free Data Offer Without Explanation

If you’ve looked back at Verizon’s relationship with Google, it’s just a weird thing to look at. It just seems like problem after problem with very few (if any) good things coming from the two. Last year Google partnered with the company to give free 4G LTE data to owners of the Chromebook Pixel with LTE. At $1,450, it’s the least they could do. Owners would get 100MB of free data each month with the option to get more, but now that’s just gone.

Anyone who had the LTE Chromebook Pixel and was using the free data were basically cutoff without reason and when they asked Verizon, they were simply told to pay up. From what Verizon has said on the matter, or lack thereof, it seems like they simply couldn’t care less. According to the original report from JR Raphael at ComputerWorld, this has actually been occurring since April of this year.

“That was Verizon’s unilateral decision with no advance notice and no discussion with Google, HP or anyone else. You can contact Verizon but you’ll get the same answer they’ve given to thousands of people before you, which is basically “pay up”.”

-Joe Ellet, Google product forum

While the LTE Chromebook Pixel is still available for purchase, it not seems all the more overpriced now that you have to pay for all data rather than getting a little bit free. However if you really do need the data, you can still get Verizon’s standard packages. 


Via: Android Police

Source: ComputerWorld

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