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Sprint Announces 30-Day Trial For Their Network

Sprint Announces 30-Day Trial For Their Network

Right on the heels of T-Mobile, Sprint has announced a new trial program for their network. How this works is you will will go to a Sprint store and purchase a device of your choosing along with service to use for 30 days. At the end of the 30 day period if you do not want to keep your service Sprint will refund you for your service as well as your device. 

The Sprint Trial program is set to begin on June 27th, three days from now on a Friday. The program will only be available to new Sprint customers unlike T-Mobile’s Test Drive which allows even existing customers to participate in the program. This whole situation is obviously a reaction to T-Mobile’s Uncarrier event that took place a few days ago, the only upside to Sprint’s program is that it is 30 days as opposed to 14 days. 

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