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Nokia Teasing The Nokia X2 – Coming June 24th

Nokia Teasing The Nokia X2 – Coming June 24th

The Nokia X series gave many what they wanted, an Android phone from Nokia. However this wasn’t the high end phone we were hoping for, but instead a bare bones, heavily skinned device. However it was very successful in some markets which pretty much means a successor will be coming. A new post on Nokia’s website is already teasing the launch of the new device.

With the caption “Green With Envy” (pointing to the Android mascot’s colors) and a countdown timer, Nokia is teasing what we expected to be called the Nokia X2. According to the timer it should be announced on June 24th. 

Some specifications for the device have leaked (seen below) and they are a huge improvement over the previous model. Hopefully the software will also follow suit and remind us a little more of Android and a little less of Windows Phone. Also rumored for the design is the addition of a dedicated home button rather than a single back button. 

Source: Nokia

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