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Samsung Supposedly Debuting Android Wear Smartwatch at Google I/O

Samsung Supposedly Debuting Android Wear Smartwatch at Google I/O

Android Wear has become the talk of the town when it comes to wearables ever since it was announced, with it’s announcement came many hardware partners. Now there appears to be a new hardware partner and it’s a doozie, Samsung. That’s right, CNET is reporting that Samsung will announce an Android Wear device at Google’s press conference, Google I/O. 

Samsung has said many times that Google’s Android OS is too big and too much of a battery drain to be crammed onto a wearable device. Seeing as Android Wear is not an entire version of Android this claim by CNET does make some sense but we do have our doubts. Our first doubt has to do with Tizen, Samsung’s home-grown OS that they seem to love putting on their wearables. With Samsung putting Tizen on their wearables and updating other ones running Android up to Tizen then why would they all of a sudden start putting Android Wear on their wearables? 

Our second concern stems from rumors of Samsung slowly moving away from Google and their Android OS. If you look at Samsung and some of the moves they have made lately, for instance, creating their own apps to replace essentially every Google app, you can see them preparing for a move away from Google. They are moving away and have Tizen for wearables so we find it hard to see Samsung creating a device running a Google OS.

But who knows, maybe CNET is right, Samsung may be developing an Android Wear device for Google I/O. Either way we are excited to see what Samsung does and we wouldn’t mind having a Samsung-made Android Wear device.

Source | CNET

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