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Almost All Google Play Edition Devices Are Currently Out Of Stock

Almost All Google Play Edition Devices Are Currently Out Of Stock

It looks like the time to purchase a Google Play Edition device may have passed, virtually all of the Google Play Edition devices on the Google Play Store are currently out of stock. If history repeats itself then this tells us that these devices are more than likely not going to be re-stocked. With Google I/O just five days away we are probably going to see these devices be replaces with more current Google Play Edition devices. 

The Google Play Edition devices that are currently out of stock are the Sony Z Ultra, LG G Pad 8.3, HTC One M7, and the Samsung Galaxy S4. It makes sense for these devices not to be re-stocked but instead be replaced, the HTC One M8 GPE has already been available for awhile now so re-stocking the M7 doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, the S4, G Pad and Ultra can also be replaced with more current devices. There have been rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S5 GPE for awhile now so the pieces are starting to fall into place but keep in mind this is all speculation. 

We would be very surprised to see these Google Play Edition devices get re-stocked in the Google Play Store, like we said before, it is much more likely to see more current devices take their place during Google I/O this year. 

Source | Google Play Store

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