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HTC One E8 Sells 50,000 Units In 15 Minutes In Asia

HTC One E8 Sells 50,000 Units In 15 Minutes In Asia

If you go back about to the beginning of the month and remember the announcement of the HTC One E8, you’ll remember what an intriguing little device this is. The phone is essentially a plastic HTC One M8 with a standard camera. It has the same specs, screen size, and even a similar design. The only real difference is the fact that this device is made of plastic rather than metal.

Earlier this week the device went on sale in China this week and was very well received. Over 2 million people reserved the device and over 50,000 units were sold on Weibo in just 15 minutes. Hopefully for HTC this success will follow the device when it heads to other countries like Europe and Russia. Perhaps it’s success will even convince HTC to bring the E8 stateside. Why is this device so attractive though? This is mainly because of it’s much lower price. At about $450, this device is nearly half the price of the M8 and much less than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Via: Android Authority 

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