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Why The Moto X Is Still The Best Android Phone You Can Buy

Why The Moto X Is Still The Best Android Phone You Can Buy

The Moto X is reaching the end of it’s time in the spotlight with it’s successor just around the corner. Motorola knows this and put out a last deal for the Moto X, pay a penny and you can use the phone for two weeks, me, having never used a Moto X and hearing nothing but great things, jumped on the opportunity. Needless to say, when I received my Moto X and used it for awhile it changed the way I looked at smartphones. 

When you first pick up a Moto X the first thing you notice is how good it feels in your hands, it’s very ergonomic, that combined with the nice weight of the phone make it feel like a premium product. My Moto X had been custom made by me so on top of the premium feel it had a premium look because I had chose everything about it’s physical appearance. When you actually get a saying in what your smartphone looks like it makes you love it so much more, it reflects who you are and what your interests are. We carry our smartphones in our pockets every second of everyday, they are always on us, because of this we should have a saying in what they look like, not a choice between black or white. 

The Moto X physically was an amazing phone but the software is where the Moto X really shines. First off I wanna bring up ActiveDisplay, this is the feature that lets you get a glance at your notifications when they come in, instead of a typical LED notification light. The cool thing about ActiveDisplay is that it shows you what app the notification pertains to and if you tap the icon it will show you the notification without you having to unlock your phone. But what about battery drain? Motorola has thought of this, the Moto X has an AMOLED display which allows it to only light up certain parts of the screen, ActiveDisplay only lights up a small area of the display in a minimal way.

I could go on and on about ActiveDisplay but there are a few other software features that the Moto X possesses that blow other smartphones out of the water. Trusted Bluetooth Devices is an amazing feature that disables your lock screen while your Moto X is connected to bluetooth devices that you choose. Skip is an accessory that is basically a magnet that you clamp onto your clothes, when you touch the back of your Moto X to it you bypass your annoying PIN or pattern lockscreen. There are tons of great features that this phone has that no other phones do.

Now I will stop boring you with all of these features which you have probably already heard of or personally used at this point with the Moto X being an older phone. But the fact that no other non-Motorola phones have these features is crazy, I have been using this phone for about a week now and they have already woven themselves into my daily life. The software features built-into the Moto X are features that should have been introduced into Android a long time ago. Despite all these features and older processor the device still runs as smooth as any flagship phone to date.

The amazing software features and ability to customize what your device looks like makes the Moto X the best Android smartphone you can buy to date.

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