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Rovio Announces “Angry Birds Transformers”

Rovio Announces “Angry Birds Transformers”

If you’ve been aching for a new sci-fi based Angry Birds game, Rovio feels your pain and are preparing to do something about it. After the huge success of previous movie tie-ins with the Star Wars franchise, Rovio is this time coming together with the Transformers. 

In the upcoming free-to-play game “Angry Birds Transformers”, the “AutoBirds” will battle against the “Deceptihogs” while we likely fight against in-app purchases. The game has no release date as of now. It’s likely that the game will tie into the Transformers movie franchise including the upcoming Transformers: Age Of Extinction which comes out very soon. Luckily this game is like the traditional Angry Birds game that we all know and love rather than the newer Angry Birds Go! racing game (which actually wasn’t that bad) or the developer’s new turn-based RPG, Angry Birds Epic, both of which have come to very mixed reviews.

Are you looking forward to this game? Let us know what you think in the comments. 


Source: Rovio

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