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Leaker Offering $25,000 Bounty For The Moto X+1

Leaker Offering $25,000 Bounty For The Moto X+1

TK Tech News has just posted a video on their YouTube channel and nothing about it is ordinary. Lets just take a walk through what this video details. According TK Tech News, Motorola intentionally leaked bad information pertaining to the Moto X+1 to them, TK Tech News was not happy about this. Why would Motorola do this? TK Tech News thinks it was done in an attempt to make them look bad or unreliable.

What happened according to TK is that Motorola leaked them some bad information and gave them the okay to publish it on their website. TK confirmed the leaker as a legitimate source that worked for Motorola and that this bad information had been given to them on purpose in an attempt to make their website look bad. Like we said above, TK was not happy about this, so they decided to fire shots back at Motorola in a very public manner. 

In the YouTube video, after making his anger public, TK goes on to tell his viewers that if any of them have access to the Moto X+1 and are willing to give him some hands on with the device he will give them a lump some of money in any form they desire. We are talking $25,000 here folks, that’s a big chunk of change that is sure to tempt at least one Motorola worker or developer into letting TK have a look at the device. 

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