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Chinese Android Phone Comes With Malware Pre-Installed

Chinese Android Phone Comes With Malware Pre-Installed

Since Android is such an open platform, and manufacturer’s take advantage of that. They take Android and change it to their needs and add things that were never there to begin with. However these apps aren’t (usually) malicious. While they can be annoying, they typically don’t steal your information. However that isn’t the case for the Star N9500 phone which is built in China.

The $217 handset comes with specifications we commonly see in Chinese handsets, a 720p, 5″ inch display, MediaTek chipset, and Android 4.2. Of course the icing on top of the cake is the Samsung Galaxy-esque design on the outside and the inside. At $217 this handset actually isn’t a bad deal, but that price is subsidized by all of your personal info that someone gets all to themselves when you buy this device.

Acting as the Google Play Store, a trojan installed on the phone from the moment you turn it on collects and copies personal information and sends them out to unwanted destinations. But that’s not all, the phone also uses the microphone to broadcast calls and conversations to hidden listeners. Not even your text messages are safe. The phone has been seen for sale in China and even here in the U.S. online. If you bought or know anyone who purchased this device, you should probably try to get your money back. 

Source: Heise

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