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iOS 8 Might Handle Saved In-App Passwords More Efficiently

iOS 8 Might Handle Saved In-App Passwords More Efficiently

Apple might be adding a little gem into iOS 8 that will make your digital life run by passwords much easier. According to 9to5Mac Apple will add a feature into iOS 8 which will allow users login credentials stored in Safari accessible to third-party apps. This would make loging in to an account through a third party app a much quicker and easier process than it has ever been before on iOS. 

Safari has a feature built into it that stores your login credentials when you login to accounts online, this feature is called AutoFill. AutoFill is what would be accessed by third party apps and allow them to access users login credentials. Having your credentials saved in Safari so that you only have to login once while online is very nice but imagine that across all of your apps. For instance, say you have logged into your Twitter account in Safari on your iPhone and then you download the Twitter app, once you go to login on the Twitter app it have the ability to pull your login credentials from Safari and log you in automatically. 

If this feature does come to fruition in iOS 8 then the ball will be in the developers court, it will be up to them to integrate this feature into their apps. Surely apps like Facebook and Twitter wont take long to integrate the feature but other apps might not be so quick. 

Via | 9to5Mac

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