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This Might Be The iPhone 6

This Might Be The iPhone 6

Some of you Apple fans may have heard of a man named Sonny Dickson, he is a “leaker” who’s leaks always seem to be accurate. Sonny recently leaked out an image of the supposed iPhone 6, the image includes not just one iPhone 6, but two, needless to say the image looks good (You can see the image above). But why two iPhone 6’s? There is going to be two different models of the iPhone 6. Yep that’s right folks, two different models, that’s a first for Apple.

Sonny goes on to detail in the leak that Apple would start producing the two models, a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch model, in May. We are assuming that the reasoning behind the two model approach is two appeal to the iPhone users who still like the smaller screen size and the iPhone users who want a bigger screen. Doing this is actually a pretty smart move on Apple’s part, they should have started doing this a long time ago in-order to appeal to more users. But lets not get to ahead of ourselves here, this is just a leak, nothing is set in stone here so please take all of this information with a grain of salt.

What do you guys think of this leak? Do you think it’s true? If so let us know what you think of this new approach and bigger screen size by Apple. 

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