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What We Might See At Google I/O This Year

What We Might See At Google I/O This Year

With Google I/O just around the corner a lot of you are probably wondering what we might see there this year, we are here to answer just that. If you don’t already know what Google I/O is, it is Google’s big developer conference where they reveal all their new goodies for developers and consumer, such as new hardware and software. Without further ado let’s dive right in. 

The first and arguably the most important thing we might see at I/O is a new version of Android, Android 5.0. Recently there was a picture released by Google that showed a Nexus 5 with the time of 5:00, this may not seem like much to the regular person but to us Google nerds this has significance. Right before Google releases a new version of Android they usually release an image of one of their Nexus devices with the time matching the version number, hence 5:00 matching up with Android 5.0. With Google I/O just days away we are almost certain that Android 5.0 will make it’s first public appearance there. 

Second on our list is Android Wear, Google’s take on wearables software. There have been no devices released to the public running Android Wear just yet but that will all change at I/O. We have sources that tell us that Google will be handing out LG G Watches to all of it’s I/O attendees and what is the LG G Watch running? You guessed it, Android Wear. So obviously if Google is handing out Android Wear devices then we are going to hear a significant amount of information about Android Wear at I/O. This also tells us that the G Watch will go on sale for the public on the day of I/O or in the few days after. 

Now let’s get to the big thing that everyone is waiting with baited breath to get an update on, Google Glass. Most tech nerds really want to see a retail release for Google Glass, including us, more specifically a retail release that will lower the $1500 price. There have been rumors floating around that Google will give us a retail release window at Google I/O this year but so far they have offered little evidence if any. To be honest we don’t know what is going to come up about Google Glass at I/O but we are sure there will be something significant. 

Last but not least we have a fresh rumor, one that has only surfaced a couple days ago, Google Fit. This is supposedly Google’s take on fitness tracking, following in the footsteps of companies like Samsung and Apple. We don’t really have much more information on “Google Fit” due to this rumor being very fresh and not a lot of information being available on the topic. The one thing we can say about it is that we doubt it will be called Google Fit, Android Fit seems much more suitable, following Google recently trying to make the Android branding more valuable. 

Well folks that about sums up the rumors pertaining to what we might see at Google I/O this year, if you have anything that you wanna see that is not here then please drop us a comment. 


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