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“Our Best Tablet Yet” – A Look At The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S

“Our Best Tablet Yet” – A Look At The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Today at the Samsung Galaxy Premiere event today, Samsung introduced their Galaxy Tab S line of tablets.. Samsung focused a lot of the event on their Super AMOLED displays and how they benefited the tablets for the users.

Video Quality

Samsung claims that the Tab S excels in video quality. Putting their focus on AMOLED may have paid off. They talked about deeper contrast and pixel quality, making the Tab S much more enjoyable while being used. They also touched on the quality of visuals while outside, making it easier to see your device while sitting on the porch, for instance. These are all great features that will hopefully be as good as they sound.

To power this quality they use the same mDNIe (Mobile Digital Natural Image Engine) technology that’s in your Samsung TV. The mDNIe enhances experience when looking at content by taking advantage of different controls like motion enhancement, detail enhancement, and contrast enhancement.

Now, to show off their new standards in video quality, they developed some apps like Papergarden that let you view magazines in high quality that takes advantage of Samsung’s new device line. Since this is a 1080p screen, Samsung spent a lot of time talking about video, including apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus which both stream at 1080p on the device.


SideSync is actually pretty cool. It allows you to access your Galaxy S5 from your Tab S. You can even take calls over WiFi from your Tab S. This could be handy if your phone is charging up in the other room and you get a call. Of course, from our knowledge, you have to own a Galaxy S5 for this feature to work.

Kids Mode

From what we know, kids mode is basically a simplified version of the OS in the Tab S. Everything is a little easier to use and safer. Of course, this will be a huge hit with parents who would like their kids to use the tablet as well.

Fingerprint Sensor

The Tab S actually does have a fingerprint sensor. This is their first tablet with a sensor. They did add a new feature though. Now 8 people can have their own home-screen and apps set up with their fingerprint. This makes it easier for everyone in the household to use the same tablet without a problem.


These are the costs that have been announced (for the WiFi version of each):

8.4″ model – $399

10.5″ model – $499

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