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LG G3 Tops Battery Life Chart

LG G3 Tops Battery Life Chart

Battery life is becoming more and more important in our smartphones, with bigger and higher resolution display’s as well as more features our smartphones need better battery life. Since the Samsung Galaxy S5 was released it has been at the top of the battery life charts, slightly ahead of the Sony Xperia Z2. But now there is a new big kid on the playground, LG’s latest flagship device, the LG G3, and it’s ready to fight. 

The guys over at Phone Arena did some battery life testing of the LG G3 and found that it blew away the competition, even beating the Galaxy S5. Not only does the G3 beat the competition when it comes to battery life but it also beats the competition when it comes to charge time, something equally as important. Slightly ahead of the Galaxy S5 in charge time and dramatically ahead of other phones like the HTC One M8 and Xperia Z2. 

Now it’s important to remember that the LG G3 has a 2K QHD display that obviously puts more stress on the battery and processor, this is what makes the G3’s battery life so impressive. LG did say at the G3’s launch event that the device would have significant battery optimization to combat the extra battery drain due to it’s higher resolution display, whatever LG did is clearly working.

Source | Android Arena

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