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Honeywell Decides To Take On Nest With The Lyric

Honeywell Decides To Take On Nest With The Lyric

Honeywell is no doubt the biggest player in the thermostat business but recently Nest Labs took the thermostat business to the next level. In 2011 Nest Labs released it’s first product, a “smart” thermostat named Nest, the thermostat would intelligently adjust the temperature of your home based on whether or not you were home, this would in-turn save you money. Honeywell saw the Nest as a huge threat to it’s dominated thermostat business so they did what any company would do, they sued. 

Honeywell lost the case against Nest Labs and their Nest thermostat, Honeywell must have decided, “if you can’t beat em’, join em’!”, because now they have their own smart thermostat. Honeywell’s newest thermostat is called Lyric, it is an obvious competitor to the Nest. On Honeywell’s website they describe it as knowing “when you are coming and when you are going”, does this sound familiar? The Lyric will change the temperature of your house based on where you and your smartphone are, making your house a more comfortable place to be and ultimately saving you energy on your electricity bill. 

The Lyric is able to know when you are home and when you are not using your home’s Wi-Fi and Lyric’s mobile app which will be available on Android and iOS. Using geofencing the Lyric will then be able to tell when you leave or enter your home with your smartphone and adjust the temperature accordingly. The Lyric is even able to tell when it’s homeowner is getting close to home and can adjust the temperature so that the temperature will be perfect by the time they walk in the front door. 

Currently the Honeywell Lyric is available to purchase by heating and cooling contractors, but later on it will be available to the public at Lowe’s in August. 

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