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Samsung Teasing June 12th Event – AMOLED Tablets Expected

Samsung Teasing June 12th Event – AMOLED Tablets Expected

On June 12th Madison Square Garden will be home to Samsung as they are set to unveil their latest tablets. Two new tablets are expected with 8.4 inch and 10.5 inch screen sizes. Both screens will come in at the amazing 2560×1600 screen resolution as seen in the TabPRO series unveiled earlier this year at CES. What really makes these tablets unique however is their AMOLED displays. These displays allow for more color saturation as well as ultra-powering saving mode as is currently seen on the Galaxy S5. This mode takes advantage of the AMOLED screen’s ability to completely turn off black pixels.

Specs are expected to follow along the guidelines of the Galaxy TabPRO series which pack very high-end specifications. Samsung’s teaser video for the event (as seen below) shows the tagline “Tab into color” which leads us to believe that these tablets will come under the Galaxy Tab branding.

Via: PhoneArena

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