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@evleaks Hints at Google Glass Retail Release

@evleaks Hints at Google Glass Retail Release

Earlier this afternoon the popular “leaker”, @evleaks, took to Twitter with some pretty interesting information. According to @evleaks AT&T will be among the first retailers to offer Google Glass to the public, other than that the tweet offers no more information. This leaves us wondering about a few specifics.

First off, is this a hint at a major retail release of Google Glass?  If you think about it, why else would @evleaks be obtaining and releasing this information now if it wasn’t going to happen sometime in the near future. It is also perfect timing due to Google’s developer conference, Google I/O, being right around the corner. This would be the perfect time for Google to finally announce plans for the long-awaited retail release of Google Glass. 

Another question that this out-of-the-blue tweet from @evleaks leaves us asking is about pricing. If a retail release of Google Glass does take place in the near future then what would it be priced at? Certainly not $1500, that would be a huge mistake. A retail release of Google Glass would be great but it would all come down to price, no regular consumer with a regular job is going to pay anything close to $1500 for a pair of Google Glass. If Google is going to do this they would have to price Glass under $400 in-order to keep it costing less then the smartphones they offer. They can’t have a phone accessory, aka Glass, cost more than the phone itself, it would not make sense, especially to the regular consumer. 

Whatever Google has up their sleeve with Glass’ retail release it has to be played very carefully. If Glass cost even slightly too much it will almost certainly struggle to stay afloat in today’s rigorous technology world. Unfortunately all we can do as consumers is sit back and play the waiting game. 

Source | @evleaks

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