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Amazon Now Selling Fire TV & Kindle Fire HDX For $249 In Bundle Package

Amazon Now Selling Fire TV & Kindle Fire HDX For $249 In Bundle Package

If you are a heavy user in Amazon’s ecosystem of apps, movies, and more, than this is probably a deal you’ll want to consider. The online giant is now offering up their Kindle Fire HDX along with the Fire TV for only $249 when bundled together. Normally these two devices would cost about $325 when purchased seperately so the $79 savings is a welcome offer. This is a great price point to get into Amazon’s set-top and tablet world if you are into their ecosystem.

The Fire TV is a great device that is powered by Android to bring your favorite media content to the TV including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and hundreds of games. The Kindle Fire HDX is a powerful tablet that brings some of the best specs into a well-designed tablet. The devices even have some integration that allow them to be of use to each other. For example you can actually mirror your Kindle Fire HDX screen on the Fire TV or use the tablet to create a second screen experience.

However heavy Google users need not apply as these devices won’t provide you with any access to Google’s services, unless you’re handy with rooting. Amazon hasn’t stated how long the deal will apply for but the deal is limited to one per customer.

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