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Peek App For Android Review

Peek App For Android Review

Our mobile devices today revolve around apps, and one way apps deliver information to us is through notifications. Sometimes they tell us of an email, a text message, a new follower, and much much more. How these notifications are presented is usually through the notification drawer, but today we are going to take a look at a new app that brings you your notifications in pretty cool way.

The app in question is called Peek and it brings plenty of functionality to the table along with a beautiful design. The functionality inside Peek is not new by any means since the concept was originally found in the Moto X and then added into the popular third party ROM Paranoid Android. Peek works by looking at your notifications and then displaying them on screen where they are easy to view. For instance if you set your phone/tablet on the table next to you and get a new text message, Peek will turn on sensors that enable the app to turn the screen on if it detects that the user has moved the device. By default those sensors are only on for 10 seconds after a new notification is received to save battery life however the user can customize that option to their preferences. Another option inside the app allows the Peek notification to turn the screen on for a few seconds when a notification comes in.

You can custom tailor your experience in the app through it’s many options. You can choose how long the sensors are polled, the effect on battery life, and even the background on the notifications. The appearance of the notifications is something I only expect to improve futher as the app matures.

The developer has made this app work on any Android 4.4+ ROMs (including both stock and AOSP). In my personal testing I had no problems getting this app to function perfectly well on both the LG G2 and Galaxy Note 3. Since the day the app was released it’s been given a handful of updates to improve the functions of the app and to make it work on more and more devices.

I’d definitely recommend checking the app out if you are OK with the $4 price tag. My only real fault with the app is that price. At $4 it’s a tough pill to swallow, but the functionality if definitely there to make up for that. However with other similar options that less expensive or even free, it’s not the first app I’d look at. To end on a good note however, I’d give the app a 7/10 since it does work great, but still needs work. Also I really do feel it’s overpriced at $4.

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