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HTC One Prime Canceled?

HTC One Prime Canceled?

Rumors and leaks have been flying left and right regarding the HTC One Prime but now they have been silenced, at least for now. In a suprising tweet from Evleaks, we’ve now learned that the HTC One Prime has been “suspended indefinitely”.

There’s no way of knowing what this might mean. It could be that the project itself has stopped completely, or possibly that the phone may be coming with a different name. There has been some talk about two other HTC One M8 variants, the Plus and Advance, which allegedly would feature the same high-end specs we thought would come by way of the HTC One Prime.

If evleaks was right and the HTC One M8 Prime was axed, it’s unknown the reason behind it. It’s most likely that the M8 Prime was actually a codename for one of the other HTC One M8 variants the company was developing.



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