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Neon Glow Icon Pack Review

Neon Glow Icon Pack Review

After months of teasing, Neon Glow is finally here. This icon pack was well received from the get go and now that’s it’s finally here, we all still love it. The pack is one of the most unique out there right now and is designed brilliantly. They really make your icons pop, especially if you happen to have an AMOLED display.

The pack has bright colors and a dark mask which is a great contrast especially when mixed with the glow coming off of each custom icon. These icons are complemented by the amazing wallpapers included in the app which are perfect for the icons. They fit great and the developer adds them constantly. One thing I really enjoyed about the wallpapers, and this is a small thing that is coming from the geek in me, is that these wallpapers are updated server side and are available quickly. Rather than having to update that app through Google Play to add some new wallpapers, they are updated in the background and available quickly after the developer releases them. I’ve used several other icon packs and this is the first one I’ve seen that does this so effectively. Another thing that complements this pack is the awesome custom Zooper widgets designed to go with the pack. They are free in the Play Store but it is worth mentioning that you will need Zooper Widget Pro which costs $1.49 in order to use them.

Overall I’d give this pack a solid 9/10. It looks great and is priced well at only $1.49. I highly recommend you check it out. Link to purchase the pack and to get the associated widgets is below.

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