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How To Save Some Money, But Still Be A Gadget Geek

How To Save Some Money, But Still Be A Gadget Geek

Technology is great, anywhere you look any part of the Internet you’re bound to find something about that new gadget, that new device, that new whatever it can be that we must have. But have you ever stopped and thought isn’t enough enough?  This column by no means is to discourage you or make you think  technology is evil it can even be seen as helpful tips and advice that can help you save money, a lot of money in the long run. Here are some ways I have discovered how technology can assist us to save green instead of spending it.  

1. That New Shiny Cell Phone

Yeah we’ve all fallen victim to this one, that new Apple commercial shows us how amazing our life can be if we have that iPhone, somehow buying that iPhone will help us make a video of climbing Mt. Everest or how all our friends have the new 5S and you’re “stuck” on the iPhone 5. Even Samsung makes new commercials constantly, whether it be a smartwatch that doesn’t work or the “next big thing”, it seems these days the biggest budgets in marketing make the biggest sales and make us fall into the trap of needing the latest and greatest. But it’s all a sham in many ways. It’s becoming a race to outdo whatever was the last and it makes whatever device you have in your pocket right now seem extremely outdated. What we tend to forget is that a cell phone is still a phone it’s not our life. I remember my first phone the Nokia 3310 (you know, Thor’s hammer). It was a simple phone that could last way longer than most phones out on the market today. All it did was make phone calls but if you can find one and I can bet you anything it still works. Today we have a ridiculous choice of smartphones like I said before we are bombarded with premium devices. But what about the low end? Have you heard of the low end devices currently being released? Most people who aren’t glued to forums don’t have the opportunity to hear about these awesome devices. They may be considered low-end, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything good to offer. I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy many smartphones that are “low end”.

I’ve owned the Moto G, a phone that I miss that phone since it was truly a great device.. It was smooth all day with battery that lasts all-day. I currently own a HTC One M8 and I say without hesitation it was a mistake to buy it. You might bring up that the Moto G lacks LTE which the HTC M8 has, but don’t forget that a new Moto G is available with LTE.. The new Moto E is another promising budget device. Finally a company that isn’t trying to change the smartphone world but instead just help it. So you don’t like Motorola. That’s perfectly fine since there are alternatives and some of these phones are awesome choices as well. For example a Nexus phone provides a great experience also for a low cost. I’ve even had a Windows Phone which was really good. What’s sad is that most reviewers compare to the latest and greatest but forget about the rest. These phones I mentioned are unlocked well worth looking into not only for carrier freedom but also no bloatware. You save yourself a lot of money on your cell phone bill, which brings me to my next point.

2. That Cell Phone Bill

Ask yourself this when was the last time you looked at your cell phone bill?  No not just look at it but to look into all the details and see what you’re really being charged for?  Sometimes it’s just money down the drain. There are plenty of less costly alternatives out there as well. Once I lost my phone while I was in a contract with a certain big name carrier. This carrier told me there was nothing they could do for me and left me on my own paying for a service without a phone. After a little research I saw that MVNOs offer steals compared to the major carriers. Their taxes are minimal usually with no hidden fees. For example, T-­Mobile has a Walmart plan that for only $30 gives you 5GB of high speed data, unlimited text, and 100 minutes of talk. There are many other options like this out there, some even cheaper and better than this one.

3. That Media Consumption

Nowadays the new craze is streaming our media content. From Netflix and Hulu for television and movies, to Pandora and Spotify for music. Most of us already cable, but we still subscribe to these services. However slowly we are moving away from the cable companies with the use of streaming devices like the Chromecast, and even our gaming consoles and mobile devices. It’s not easy to move away from cable, but it’s not impossible. The alternatives are out there and the savings are too.

So next let’s talk about music. You could spend the $1.29 to buy your new favorite song from iTunes or Google Play. But there’s a cheaper way. Streaming services are becoming more and more popular including Pandora Internet Radio, Google Play Music All Access, Spotify, and many more. These services don’t cost much and are much cheaper than buying music individually.

These are a few simple steps I took to keep my status as a tech geek without bankrupting myself. There are tons of possibilities and ways to save, but like most good things they aren’t always out in the open, so now that you know, why don’t you give them a try?

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Ben Schoon

Ben is a tech geek who co-founded YourTechExplained in 2016. Constantly switching between devices that literally surround him, he can be found reviewing the latest smartphones around the web.