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Nokia Lumia 530 Leaks – 4.3″ Inch Display & On-Screen Buttons

Nokia Lumia 530 Leaks – 4.3″ Inch Display & On-Screen Buttons

The Nokia Lumia 520 (and 521) was a very popular phone because of it’s shockingly low price. It was an extremely easy way to get into the Windows Phone ecosystem, so of course they are going to make a successor.

The Nokia Lumia 530, which has just leaked out, is that upcoming successor to the Lumia 520. While no confirmed specifications are available yet, there are a couple things we can make out on the hardware from this new leak. First of all it seems that this device will replace traditional hardware keys with on-screen buttons, a new feature added to Windows Phone 8.1. Along with that, we can also guess that the phone will have a 4.3″ inch display based on what it looks like next to the Lumia 930 and 635. That’s a great upgrade from the current 4.0″ inch display found in the current Lumia 520. Like last time however, it seems that this device will lack a front facing camera. Looking at the design as well it looks like the pointed corners are a thing of the past as this devices sports rounded corners.

Via: GSMArena

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