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Android Wear Shown Off In Action On LG G Watch [Video]

Android Wear Shown Off In Action On LG G Watch [Video]

Android Wear was announced a few months ago and has been highly anticipated since then. With two models already announced, the Motorola Moto 360 and the LG G Watch, things are going to get interesting this summer. Until now though, we really haven’t seen much from the Android Wear OS. But in a new video, we get a look at the new OS on the G Watch. Unfortunately though all the audio is in German.

From what we can tell, the video is showing off some of the function of the watch face and the software itself. Some of the functions I was able to see include the following, timer, calendar, messaging, alarm clock, and what appears to be either a TV or camera remote. I also noticed options for Airplane mode and to take a bug report.

From what we could tell the software is going to rely heavily on gestures, which we’ve seen in other smartwatches like the Samsung Gear. The software is still in beta but is still very smooth nonetheless. In regards to the LG G Watch itself, we see a close look at the device in gold. The device definitely looks just as good on camera as it does on press images. We also see it for the first time on a wrist and it does look quite comfortable.

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