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Theme Your LG G2 Like An LG G3 – Works On Most Devices – No Root Required

Theme Your LG G2 Like An LG G3 – Works On Most Devices – No Root Required

Yesterday finally saw the release of the LG G3 with it amazing spec package and wonderful new design, and if you’re like me, you’re just waiting til you can get your hands on the device. For those of us who just can’t wait, it’s time to thank XDA yet again.

Before you get too excited, no there’s not a ported ROM (yet), but there are some easy ways to make your LG G2 just like an LG G3, and it doesn’t even require root. Some of these steps do apply on other devices but is designed for LG G2 users. It should also work the same for other recent LG devices like the Lucid 3 and G Pro 2. In this tutorial, we will be grabbing the icons, wallpapers, widgets, and “smart bulletin” from the G3.

If you have questions about anything, please leave a comment.

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to start making your G2 look like a G3 is download a theme for the stock LG launcher from XDA. As stated previously you won’t need to be rooted to do this. The G3 theme, along with many others, is found on this XDA page. A direct download link is found at the bottom of this page. This theme does come with one G3 wallpaper but you’ll be able to get them all below. The theme also brings the new flat, G3 icons as well.

Next up you’re going to want to get the LG G3 Weather widget. To do this you will need to have Zooper Widget Pro ($1.49 in Google Play). After installing that app, you need to download the app “G3 Zooper Widget” which is free on Google Play. You’ll need to place a 4×2 zooper widget on your homescreen and then choose the G3 widget. This step does work on not only LG devices, but almost any Android device.

Two steps down and a couple more to go. Next let’s look at getting wallpapers from the G3 on your device. Just like the previous step this does work on any device. The guys over at were actually able to get 10 wallpapers from the G3 is all their Quad HD glory. Head over to their post about that to download them for yourself.

This final step is only for LG devices and brings the “smart bulletin” feature from the G3 to the G2. I have not gotten it to work entirely just yet however. I will update this post if I can get the feature to work. If you do want to get this feature on board though, all you need to do is download the new launcher from the G3. This comes by way of an updated apk (download link at the bottom of the page) which enables the new functionality. Along with the new home launcher you can also download all of the new apps from the G3 over on this XDA page however be warned as most users are reporting force closes. To enable smart bulletin you’ll need to go into settings and enable the feature.


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  1. kielly

    On the opposite end, I just got a G3, but want it to have the built in theme that came with my G2 that I loved so much. Any idea how to get it?