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New Retailer Listings Point To An Upcoming Lenovo Chromebook With 500GB HDD

New Retailer Listings Point To An Upcoming Lenovo Chromebook With 500GB HDD

Chromebooks definitely don’t need to pack a lot of space locally since they are designed to live in the cloud, however that’s not going to stop Lenovo from giving users 500GB of local storage on their upcoming machine.

Disclaimer – Lenovo has not released any information regarding this device. This information was found via Google+ user +Brent Sullivan.

From the information found on a retailers website, this upcoming Chromebook could pack either solely a 500GB Hard Drive, or possibly, but less likely, a hybrid storage option. This means that the device could bring the 500GB Hard Drive along with a 16GB SSD. This would give the device a jump in speed over only the HDD and the advantage of having storage galore while retaining the speed of running on an SSD. It is also worthwhile to mention that this Chromebook would pack the same design as the recently announced Lenovo N20.

But all of this info doesn’t stop us from asking the question, do we really need 500GB of storage on a Chromebook? Since Google is pushing hard in cloud storage, it’s very possible that the company would be against the release of this Chromebook.

Via: Chrome Story

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