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Google Tops Apple As The World’s Most Valuable Brand – How Did They Do It?

Google Tops Apple As The World’s Most Valuable Brand – How Did They Do It?

The stats are in and it’s good news for Google as the company has now taken the top spot in the BrandZ Top 100 as the world’s most valuable brand. Apple has held the spot for quite a while now but due to a 20% fall in estimated brand value, they have given up their spot. Google on the other hand saw an increase in value by nearly 40%.

How are these stats produced is a question you might be asking. Well BrandZ looks at the views of potential and current buyers, along with financial data, to estimate a brand’s value. So how did Google do it? How did they overtake Apple as the most valuable brand?

While the word innovation has been synonymous with Apple for years, it isn’t that way anymore. Recently the company has become almost stale by releasing products that don’t excite the same way they used to. Google on the other hand has been taking huge risks that, for the most part, have paid off. Just look at the field of wearables. It’s no lie that it will be the next big playing field in mobile technology and Google has already made two huge steps in it. They have not only used their software skills to their advantage with Android Wear, but they have even given hardware a go with Google Glass. While Android Wear hasn’t been released yet or even noticed by the general public, most people have heard of Google Glass. Looking beyond the field of wearables Google has done even more bringing internet to the skies with Project Loon and bringing us lighting fast speeds with Google Fiber. It’s needless to say when you look at the big picture that Apple has some catching up to do.

Source: Millward Brown

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