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Nokia’s Packaging Turned Around?

Nokia’s Packaging Turned Around?
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Microsoft now owns Nokia’s devices and Services Group. Does that mean that they want to change the way Nokia looks? If so, could it start with the way they package their devices?

The box is for the Nokia Lumia 630 as seen on the side. Of course, this could be the first move that they make to change Nokia. With a large white background and one single simplistic orange stripe going across the front, it does seem to look a bit different than before. If you do happen to remember from before, most of their boxes had the familiar blue background look to them. It had been their trademark color for most of their time as a company. Now with the acquisition of Nokia from Microsoft, this aspect of the company seems to have changed.

Let us know in the comments what you think could happen and where the company is going since the acquisition news.

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