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New Google+ For Android Update Rolling Out – APK Download Here

New Google+ For Android Update Rolling Out – APK Download Here

Google+ just introduced a new update to their app for Android and wow is it beautiful. Not only does it bring a much more beautiful interface, but it also performs much faster with tons of new features. Download it at the link below!

New Features

1. Auto Awesome Stories And Movies.

This new feature, which was introduced today, combines photos and videos from places you travel to into stories. Google’s blog has a detailed breakdown of this feature. Along with that Auto Awesome movies are now available as a highlight reel of your photos and videos on all platforms.

2. Animated GIFs On Demand

Google+ is filled with animated GIFs and they are fun to use. Now users on Android can create GIFs on demand rather than using auto awesome features.

3. Large Photo Library Support

Previously extremely large photo albums were not supported on mobile but in this update you can view thousands of photos. You can view your entire library by date as well which is also new in this update.

4. Profile Views On Mobile

A few weeks ago Google introduced Google+ profile views to the Google+ website and now it’s made it’s way to mobile.

5. Improved Navigation

The new navigation menu departs from what we’ve seen in previous versions of the app by now completely dissapearing while scrolling through your Google+ content stream. This allows your content stream to take up the entire screen. Unfortunately immersive mode was not implemented here.

The app is rolling out now through Google Play but could take a while to hit your device. If you want it now, you can hit up the download link below to get it for yourself.


Download APK


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