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Microsoft Unveils Surface Pro 3 – 12″ Inch Display

Microsoft Unveils Surface Pro 3 – 12″ Inch Display

Microsoft has just announced the Surface Pro 3. The new Windows 8 tablet brings an improved design, kickstand, and screen size along with some new features.

Only a few months after the release of the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft is dropping the ball on the Surface Pro 3. The new tablet brings a much more refined design with better internals. Microsoft’s aim with the new product is to combine the tablet and the laptop for those who own both. The device actually brings a slightly larger 12″ inch display this time around which makes it look just a bit more like a larger iPad. The resolution weighs in at 2160×1440. The device also weighs less than a MacBook Air.

As for processing power the tablet runs with an Intel Core i7 under the hood. Other options include an i3 or i5. The device, although larger, actually weighs 100g less than the previous Surface tablet coming in at only 800g. The tablet also brings an improved kickstand that is fully adjustable that gets down to 150 degrees. Along with that, it’s speakers are 45% louder than the previous Surface 2.

Variations of the tablet are as follows.

  • Core i3 w/ 4GB RAM/64GB – $800
  • Core i5 w/ 4GB RAM/128GB – $1,000
  • Core i5 w/ 8GB RAM/256GB – $1,300
  • Core i7 w/ 8GB RAM/256GB – $1,550
  • Core i7 w/ 8GB RAM/512GB – $1,950

Are you planning to pick one up? Pre-order dates or release dates have yet to be announced.

Source: Microsoft

Via: Pocketnow

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