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With New Google Update Comes New Features

With New Google Update Comes New Features
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On iOS, Google has updated the Google Search app to version 4.0. This update brings some new cool features for your Apple device. Some features include you being able to ask it certain things, similar to Siri or Google Now. You could ask it questions like “What’s the weather like?” and it would respond as you expect it would, giving details about the chosen topic.

The app also informs you of new articles on certain topics you like. For me, I know I don’t always want to search everything looking for a piece on what I like. I would much prefer an app to filter it for me! Of course, since it’s powered by Google Now, it will filter the same things that it would on any Android device. These things would include authors and blogs.

As you would hope from a new update, you do get faster loading on the app than previously. The images search page is better than before as well. Suppose you also play Cricket, then you will be getting these scores to your device right from the app too.

For the change log, look below:

What’s New in Version 4.0.0

With today’s update, you can ask questions with your voice & get updates on topics you care about.

Have a smarter conversation with Google:
• Tap the microphone or say “Ok Google” to start
• Ask questions such as “What’s the weather like?”
• Then follow up with “How about this weekend?”

At Google, we know the web well. With Google Now, we’ll tell you when there’s an interesting article for:
• Your favorite topics
• Your upcoming trips
• Your favorite authors and blogs

Smaller updates include:
• Cricket sports cards in Google Now
• Faster loading of Google Search and Google Now
• More beautiful and fluid image results


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