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4 Surprises of the HTC One M8 From An iPhone User

4 Surprises of the HTC One M8 From An iPhone User

I was lucky enough to just recently upgrade the to HTC One M8, and previously being an iPhone user for the past 2 and a half years, there was a few features I didn’t know how I had lived without!

The Display

Its hard to ignore it – the 5 inch 1080p panel on the One is jaw dropping. Its sharp with excellent color reproduction, and good overall contrast.

The Speakers

The most talked about feature of the One. But the hype is worth it. The boomsound speakers sound amazing with rich full sound, powerful bass, and clear highs. 

Motion Launch

I didn’t believe it was possible, but HTC have made the sleep/wake button near obsolete. My favorite has to be the double tap to access the lock screen.


I’m aware Blinkfeed wasn’t as well received as HTC would have liked last year, but the Sense 6 update has brought new features that make it super useful, for example I have mine configured to show a load of technology news from across the web – and it’ll even display tweets and emails of interest!

A notable mention, although strictly a feature available on all Android phones, is the gesture keyboard. It takes the pain of having a larger screen and therefore keyboard away, making typing (or swiping) fun.

Of course this isn’t a definitive list, just a short insight into my favorite features of the M8 so far, so stick around for my full review in the coming weeks.

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